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The perfect solution for your cashflow needs

Most businesses will need additional finance at some point, it may be investment in machinery or stock or simply to pay a big bill. The most obvious route for finance is the bank, but banks are notoriously cumbersome, they will normally want every piece of business and personal security going and bank charges have gone through the roof in recent years.

There are a growing number of short term lenders entering the market, but they all have different requirements and different charges.  Approaching the wrong lender with the wrong information can either delay matters or end up costing a lot of money.

That’s where we come in!

CashFlow Bridge has the relationships with all the major lenders in the market.  We will find the most suitable lender and put together the best application possible within your timescales.  The lenders pay us commission for volume business so there is no additional charge to you.

We do all the legwork and you get the best deal available.  


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